Monday, June 25, 2012

Third Stream Crossing via Middle Fork Trail

This past weekend I had a chance to spend a night in the woods for a quick getaway.  Met up with a group of backpackers to hike to the Third Stream Crossing via the Middle Fork Trail.  The hike seemed easy enough given that the campground was only 2.3 miles away...well, for an unfit person like me, this proved to be a challenge.  

I was hoping to be in better shape because my personal goal was to see if I could dayhike and bag Cucamonga Peak...better luck next time.

At the trailhead with my 23lb. pack
It's getting steep...ahhh
Looking back at the trailhead
Burnt trees...
Midway point...oh and yeah LNT all the way..SMH
Tree down!
Finally at camp and we have it all to ourselves.
Tarp & Bug Bivy setup done...time to explore what's around.
Since I know that I'm not going to be bagging any peaks today, we decided to hunt down the elusive falls near this area.  After some speculation and exploration we were able to actually locate the falls.  It was amazing to see this place especially since there was no sign of graffiti anywhere.

Trail to the falls is getting warm...
Getting close to the falls...a few more climbs.

Pictures really do not give this justice...
On the way back to camp, we came across some bush shelters.

Overall this was a really good trip (with great people) despite the short hike.  However, it did serve as a wake up call to get in better shape if I want to hike in higher elevations.  

Anyway, more local trips to come...