Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Current Gear List for 2013


My Current Gear List for 2013

Finally had the chance to organize all of my current gear and get all of the weights together.  It amazes me once you track every little piece of gear, you can see how each item's weight adds up to your total pack weight.

By no means is this gear list a guide for anyone.  This is just to give everyone an idea of what I typically bring on a 3 season backpacking trip.  There might be some small items I failed to add but in general, it's all there.

I have found that I am really happy with the overall weight and I am quite surprised what I have achieved despite having only backpacked since 2011...quite happy with where I am overall compared to how much my packed weighed on my first backpacking trip

NOTE: Items and Weights DO NOT include Food, Water, and Fuel. These items typically vary depending on length of trip, etc.

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.  I am open to suggestions as well :)


  1. Just stumbled across your blog this morning. Love it! I think we live near by (burbank area?), which makes this blog very useful for me! I'm going to check out these hikes, especially that Ojai one! Great blog, very helpful and informative. Cheers!


  2. Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm appreciative of the fact that this site is being read by people. Yes, I live close to Burbank and if you ever need help with gear or simply need a hiking/backpacking partner, don't hesitate to contact me.

    I typically backpack at least once or twice a month, ranging from overnights to weekend long trips. If you're interested in joining me sometime, let me know.

  3. Good stuff, and a great link too. That sleeping bag is it just the inexpensive one from Sports Authority they would always have on sale? Like the old navy stuff, I use alot of the C9 stuff. I didnt want to spend too much at this point. I have had good luck with everything I got from C9, and for the most part its light weight stuff. I got a soft shell from C9, kept the rain out, but doesnt breath as good as the high end jacktes, but it was $10 on clearance. The Sports Authority by me always seems to have Columbia stuff in the clearance section. I got some good deals and light stuff to wear there. Keep it coming. Thanks!

  4. Hey Dean,

    I appreciate the comments and thanks for checking my blog! I agree with you completely. There are quite a few bargains available if you just look. I like C9 and Old Navy athletic wear as well. The sleeping bag I currently have is a bit heavy though, at 2lbs. and 15oz., I can definitely invest on a lighter bag or quilt, but I just can't justify the cost at this time. I only purchased my sleeping bag for $40 and it's a down bag (650FP).

    During the summer, I use my DIY quilt which weighs just a tad under 2lbs. and is good to about 55 degrees...so with that, I don't see myself buying a new bag for a while. I'll be backpacking this weekend so look for my trip report here...I'll include photos of the gear I used.