Sunday, February 5, 2012

Backpacking to Hoegee's with the Kids

This past weekend, I took my kids backpacking at Hoegee's Campgrounds over at Chantry Flats.  This was a first for both my kids and the trip did not disappoint.

Hoegee's is a perfect trail to take your kids on their first backpacking adventure as the mileage and elevation gain aren't too strenuous in my opinion.

Saturday, February 4, 2012 at ready to tackle the trail.

We decided to take the Upper Winter Creek Trail to our destination...Hoegee's Campground. This was going to be a 2.5 mile that would take us a little over 2 hours to do.  We took our time walking, taking pictures, and simply enjoying the smell and view the trail provided us.

Here are the kids at the official trailhead...

As we walk along the trail, I noticed that my sewing skills adding a sternum strap had failed.  My daughter had trouble keeping her pack straight...I later offered to carry her pack...but she refuses.  Her pack weighed in around 2lbs, she was only carrying her sleeping bag (Eureka Ladybug 30).

At this spot, you can clearly see the parking lot where we came from below...the kids enjoyed this view.

Moving along the trail, we hear the stream running next to the campground, our pace increases as the excitement grows.

1/3 of a mile to 6 year old is getting tired but still smiles.

A little more and we get there!

We pick our spot for the day.

After snacking on some treats, the kids muster up more energy and spend the day exploring the grounds.

My son decides to put into practice what he has seen watching Survivor Man...bushcrafting a lean-to shelter.

He decides, however, that the tent would be where he would spend the night in. At around 3:00PM, the temps drop down to around 45 degrees...time for some Hot Cocoa on my DIY alcohol stove.

We setup our tent and prepare our evening arrangements.

My daughter cleaning up around our site...such a wonderful helper :)

Preparing our dinner...Mushroom Rice w/ BBQ Pork Chops was in the menu for this evening.

Ready for bed.

The following morning, we pack up our bags, prepare a quick breakfast consisting of Jimmy Dean Sandwiches and Hot Cocoa...we're ready to hit the trail once again.  We decide that the easy route to the parking lot was Lower Winter Creek Trail to Robert's Camp then take the last crazy uphill to the Chantry Flats Parking Lot.

Taking this route back to our car was by far the most scenic.  We enjoyed looking at the cabins, creek crossings, and even a small cave :)

Here are some of the views you can expect when you take this trail.

A short 1.5 miles later, we reach Robert's Camp.  We decide to eat our left over sugar snacks for the last .6 mile push uphill. 

I tell the kids that I have a surprise in store for them once we reach our car.  They handled the last leg of the trail very well and I am so proud of both of them.

We made it!  My son really had a boost after his snack and decided to hike ahead and meet us at the trailhead up ahead.

"May Your Search Through Nature Lead You To Yourself"
So proud of my little girl!
What trooper!  She did around 5 miles this weekend.
"What took you so long?" My son greets us by the Day Use Area

I surprise the kids with a treat...Lunch at the Adam's Packstation...Burgers, Root Beer, and Ice Cream...who can resist?

We made it home around 12:00PM just in time to rest and watch the Super Bowl that weekend.  The kids are now planning on our next trip...where to next?


  1. Nice trip! Love that spot. I was there the weekend before. I was at West Fork while you guys were at Hoegees.


  2. Love West Fork, I've actually taken my daughter there biking. We camped further up though at Coldbrook. I plan on taking the kids hiking at West Fork again and possibly camp out around Bear Creek Trail.