Friday, February 10, 2012

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So the time has come that I lighten up my load when backpacking.  I've researched all sorts of UL sleep systems from Hammocks, Tarps, Single Wall Tents, to Bivy's and quite honestly, the choices are many.  I have, however, narrowed down my selection and decided that I will be sticking to tents.  As budget minded as I am, I cannot afford the latest and greatest Cuben tarps or tents.  Here are the choices that I have that I will most likely purchase in the next few weeks.

Sixmoondesigns Lunar Skyscape Scout - 1 Person tent ($125)

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This Scout is the Polyester model and weighs in at 34oz. (2lbs 2oz.) per manufacturer specifications.  I could go with the next model up the 'Trekker' and save 10oz. but at $125, the Scout is light enough for me and the cost to weight ratio is, in my opinion, really good.  The Skyscape is designed to utilize your trekking poles to setup the tent and it comes with an integrated net tent inside making setup a breeze.

Sixmoondesigns Lunar Duo Outfitter - 2 Person Tent ($160)

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Why two tents?  I foresee my kids joining me on more of my adventures and a 2 person tent is required so that my little girl can sleep with Daddy.  My son, will use the solo tent and at 34oz, even he can carry that weight on his backpack - his baseweight with the Lunar Skyscape would be at around 10lbs. 

The Lunar Duo is a 2 person tent that is setup with trekking poles and weighs in at 57oz (3lbs. 9oz.).  At $160, this is the same price as a Kelty Salida II but weighs around a pound lighter!

The drawbacks of both tents would be that these are not freestanding tents, but if pitched taught, these tents could withstand pretty high winds in my opinion.

Other options I had we're the Tarptent Moment (solo) for $215 and the Tarptent Double Rainbow (2 person) for $260.  Both comparable in weight as the Sixmoondesigns counterparts but driven by cost I have decided that SMD's will be where I will be buying my tents.

Share your thoughts! Let me know what you think...I really like the Tarptents but you can't beat the price of the SMD's.


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