Thursday, February 28, 2013

My New SMD Skyscape Scout!


For the past year, I've been looking for a lighter tent to replace my MH Lightpath 2. After months of research, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased the Six Moon Designs Skyscape Scout.  
The Skyscape Scout is a 34 oz., non-free standing, one person tent.  It utilizes trekking poles to pitch the tent. Here are some of the reasons why I decided on purchasing this tent:
  • Only requires 5 stakes to fully pitch
  • It has a side entry
  • It has a double vestibule
  • It pitches all at once (no need to pitch the net tent seperately)
  • Really affordable
  • It's lightweight
Compared to the other tents I have used like the TT Contrail and the aforementioned MH Lightpath 2, the Scout sets up much faster in my opinion and has less "fiddle" factor involved.  It's very straightforward.
I knew that there was a lighter offering for this same tent.  However, I personally opted for the Polyester version primarily because of the price.  For a 2 pound shelter, you just cannot beat the price.  
Some manufacturer specs (from SMD Site) for the Skyscape Scout
  • Canopy - 190T Polyester
  • Floor - 190T Polyester
  • Netting - 40D No-See-Um
  • Zipper - #3 YKK

  • Type - Hybrid Double Wall
  • Frame - Dual Pole (not included)
  • Entry - Side Entry
  • Floor Space - 23 ft2 - 2.2 m2
  • Vestibules - 2
  • Vestibule Size - 16 ft2 - 1.4 m

Overall, I'm really happy about the tent and I am looking forward to using this on my trips this year and on.
Some setup photos:
A nice side entry with enough space for cooking and storing gear

Vestibules fully opened

Front view showing both vestibules

Liking the logo a lot :)
A few hours after getting this tent in the mail, I actually decided to take it out on the trail and I did a quick night hike solo to Hoegee's Campground.  A further confirmation that this was an absolute "best buy" for me...I wish I pulled the trigger on this tent last year.
I only took a couple of photos when I was at camp...I figured a few of you guys have already seen too many pics of Hoegee's from my previous posts :)
Shot of the Scout in the morning

Gear explosion inside the Scout

Preparing my coffee before heading out
I didn't bring much on this quick overnight so my pack was really light, before I left Saturday late afternoon, I weighed my pack and it showed a total of 12.2lbs.  


  1. 12.2! Nice. Looks like a nice shelter, and I definitely like the bug netting. Wish I'd had that netting on my trip last summer. Got bit on the forehead by a spider. Swollen for days.


    1. Thank you sir! I think I remember you showing that photo of the bite...eek! I saw on BPL that you were looking for a bug net setup to fit your shelter. I may be able to make you one...let me know. I'm sure we can make something custom to fit your floorless shelter.