Monday, March 18, 2013

An overnight with the SoCal Hammock Hangers!

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Had a chance this past weekend to hang out with a few SoCal Hammock Forum members.  This was a great chance for me to meet a few members who I have had conversations with online.  It was also great to see everyone's preferred hammock setup.

I myself am still a beginner when it comes to hammocks.  I still choose to go to the ground since my hammock setup weighs significantly more than my ground setup.  However, there is one hammock in particular that could change that...I will be writing about that soon :)

Not really much of a report but more of hammock pR0n!

My DIY Gathered-End Hammock and 8.5 x 8.5 GuideGear Tarp
DIY Gathered-End Hammock, DIY Tarp, and DIY Underquilt
Classic Hennesy Hammock - Bottom Entry
Gathered-End Hammock, 10 x 12 SilTarp (?), Pea-Pod Style Top/Bottom Quilt
Warbonnet Double-Layer Hammock, Superfly w/ Doors, UGQ Under Quilt
Kammock Hammock, Superfly w/ Doors, HammockGear Under Quilt
DIY Bridge Hammock, DIY Bamboo Trekking Poles as Spreader Bars
Gathered-End Hammock, HammockGear Under Quilt, 8 x 10 Cat-Cut Tarp
Hennesy Hammock and Eno Double Nest (back)
Really had a blast this weekend.  There were more hammocks but I wasn't able to take photos of all of them.  We had a great turn-out in attendance.  I even had the chance to show-off how to make ultralight cook pots.

Really good food and great company.  This trip has re-ignited my brain as I start thinking of new ideas to make my hammock setup better, lighter, and more enjoyable.

Till the next trip...


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