Monday, March 26, 2012

An evening with a view

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This past weekend, I had a chance to spend a night at Henninger Flats with fellow backpackers from a meetup group.  Knowing the possibility of rain on Sunday, I still didn't want to miss this chance hiking up to our home for the evening.

Not being the fittest person in the world, this hike for me was a challenge because of the grade of the terrain.  I was definitely the slowest hiker in the group but this did not discourage me to reach the top.

The start of the trail...
A view of the grade of the trail heading up to Henninger Flats.

Catching up to a group of day hikers and scouts heading up to the same place.

After 2 plus miles, I've made it to the top which it took me a little over an hour...I need to get back into shape.  This was a wake-up call.

Tired and sore but not beaten...this is why I love backpacking, this view was worth it and I quickly forgot about my burning thighs.

My view for the evening...

On a side note, I opted to bring my full tent instead of my tarp because of the threat of rain. Although I missed the rain, I still think I made the right tarp wasn't seam sealed and if it did rain, I would've have been soaked and I would've been very unhappy.

For those who we're curious about what my tarp setup would have looked like, here are some shots of it deployed at a local park.

 Happy Trails...


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